Sealing Compound and Fiber


SCF – ALLCO® Sealing Compound

  • For seal forming between and around each electrical conductor inside of sealing fitting to restrict the passage of gases, vapors and flames.

SCF – ALLCO® Sealing Fiber

  • Forms a positive dam to hold sealing compound in the sealing fitting.

SCFR-R100 Resin and SCFR-H100 Hardener

  • SCFR-R100 Resin and SCFR-H100 Hardener are certified for use in connection to the sealing fittings type DYS, DYK and/or DYD, therefore the sealing compound and the sealing fittings can be sold only coupled and never The sealing must be done properly to prevent passage of gas, vapours or flames through the pipe system.

SCFR-F100 Fiber

  • The Fiber is inserted into the sealing fittings to avoid that the resin runs into the pipe below.